Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rose's Spice-it-Up Strawberries - Serves 4-6, Prep time 5 minutes

Rose's Spice-it-Up Strawberries 

Serves: 4-6    Prep time: 5 minutes   Cost: $5-7 will work with most fruit, but there is something I love about fresh-in-season Strawberries that screams festive dessert. This is one of the easiest, quick to prepare desserts, I have ever made and it is absolutely delicious! Spicy, syrupy, with hardly any effort at all.



3x 250gm Punnets of fresh strawberries 
2 Tablespoons Raw Sugar - the raw sugar give the strawberries more of a caramel flavour
1 Tablespoon Ginger Powder 
1 teaspoon Cocoa Powder or 2 Tablespoons Drinking Chocolate Powder 
1 Tablespoon Honey - melt the honey in the microwave for approx 10 seconds 


1.a.  Hull and chop each strawberry - below is the method I use
Place chopped pieces into a 2 ltr capacity container 
A reusable ice cream container is perfect for this

Cut Larger Strawberries across to create smaller pieces
Mmmm...looks good already - but wait till you add the other ingredients !! 
They turn this into sensational!

2. Add the Raw Sugar to the strawberries and stir through gently with a spoon to coat each piece. The suger helps release the juices that will form the syrup.

3.  Add the Ginger and Chocolate and stir through gently, at this stage it already smells fantastic.

4. Add the Melted Honey and stir that through. 

5. Put the lid on and place container into the fridge overnight. That's it - easy - peasy !!
 Next day - you will end up with this delicious spicy syrup along with the marinated strawberry pieces.

I have to apologise at the lack of strawberries - this was full last night but before I could photograph it my husband had the munchies while watching sports in the early hours of this morning.
I had best warn you - if you make these, keep your eyes on them because they tend to disappear from the fridge.
If you want this for a special dessert - tell your family DON'T TOUCH!

Serves 4 as is with a dollop of cream 
or will stretch to 6 with a scoop of ice cream

** For a fancy touch - grate some chocolate over the cream or ice cream for effect **  

My family love this dessert - I sincerely hope you will too... Rose
Turn it up a notch with a shot of Liqueur - let's rock this dessert....!

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