Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rose's Poor Man's Tiramisu: Made in 5 minutes, Serves 6

Rose's Poor Man's Tiramisu - 3 ways

Serves 6      Time: 5 Minutes      Cost: $6

Ingredients: First Way 

1ltr  Meadow Fresh Vanilla Custard (ready-made)
1 pkt Griffins Gingernut biscuits 
**1 cup espresso ( or strong black coffee) cooled ** Optional

I make these in glass tumblers for presentation and it's easier to serve up as individual portions - and because they fit the whole gingernuts in perfectly.

Pour or Spoon Custard into 1/3 of each glass.
Place 2x whole Gingernut Biscuits on top of custard. * dunk each gingernut biscuit in the cooled coffee for about 10 seconds BEFORE placing on top of custard. Make sure coffee is cool otherwise biscuit will melt too quick.

Pour or Spoon Custard on top of Gingernuts to create a layered effect. Leave space at the top of glass for additional custard or crumbs. 

Place 4x Gingernuts into a Snap-Lock bag - bash these with a wooden spoon to create biscuit crumbs.

Sprinkle Gingernut crumbs over custard - Leave the space at the top for whipped cream later 
Place into the fridge - overnight works best, but 4 hours in the fridge will be fine. 
Place generous scoop of Whipped Cream on top then sprinkle with more gingernut crumbs. 
Delicious and couldn't be easier to create - Looks amazing too ! 

Second Way: Serves: 6    Time: 5 minutes  Cost: $6 - 10 

Method as above - but substitute custard for thick and creamy Greek style yoghurt & honey. I make my own using Easio but other yoghurt works too - it's just a little more costly ready made.  
This is super delicious and I actually prefer the yoghurt method now. Kids, however , will always love the custard version... 

Third Way: For the Adults - yes, it does have booze in = YUM!  

Serves: 6    Time: 5 minutes   Cost: $10 

Method = same as above except for two things: 
1. Substitute Coffee for Canterbury Cream or any liqueur that works with well in coffee. Use either custard or yoghurt, both work. 2. Don't use biscuit crumbs - create a whole new topping
Place one whole biscuit on the top layer of custard, carefully pressing it in the centre so the edges are covered by custard - but most of the biscuit centre is showing. Poor the liqueur over the biscuit then place in the fridge over night or for at least 8 hours. This will allow the biscuit to absorb the liqueur and become a delicious caramel, boozy, decadent topping. This is sooo good! 

In hot summer months make these in small glad containers and keep a few in the fridge to take as a refreshing cool lunch time treat. 
Got some unused dry cake left over - use that instead of biscuits. The custard soaks into the cake.

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