Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gifts that Cost Nothing, but mean so much ♥

Gifts that Cost Nothing, but mean so much 

  • The Gift of Your TimeThis is be the best FREE gift you can ever give. 
  • Your Time can mean different things to people and be gifted in a variety of ways. 
  • With this gift - There is only one 'rule' 
  • In other words: don't promise what you can't deliver... 
  • Write your promissory gift of time on a Christmas card and sign it. View it as a binding contract - and see it through. Here are some ideas....
Mum / Dad ...  OMG - how fabulous would it be if your kids gave you one of these!

Dear Dad: I promise to be your slave every Saturday for the next three weeks. I will weed the garden, wash the car, and do any job you ask without complaint.....print your name then sign it.

Dear.... I promise to mow the lawn, scrub down the barbecue, and wash the boat this weekend...insert a date here...print your name then sign it.....

Dear.... I promise to do the dishes every night for the next two weeks. I will take out the trash, and clean my room...print name, sign it

Dear...... I promise to baby-sit my siblings 3 times for free. Let me know when it suits you,  then you can relax, go out for dinner and enjoy a few nights to yourselves. Print your name and sign it

Grandparents ...  These gifts can mean more than you will ever know...

Dear..... I promise to spend a weekend with you doing whatever chores you need doing. Let me know when that suits you and make up a list of things you would like me to do. Love..... print name, sign it 

Dear.... I promise you to take you to the beach on whatever day suits you best. We will have a fun day out together and enjoy some summer sunshine. Love... print name, sign it 

Dear.... I promise to pick you up and take you to the Mall where you can take your time and shop as long as you want. We will have a nice day together. Love.... print name, sign it

Partner ....  The love behind these gifts is the One True Gift that really matters!
My Darling.... You are the light of my life and, as such, I promise to wake you with a cuppa and a kiss every morning. With deepest love...sign it

My Darling... You're a terrific Mother. I promise to take the kids to the park on a day you choose - so you can have a day to yourself. Relax, have a leisurely bath, manicure, whatever you want and afterwards I will cook diner. With deepest love.... sign it 

My Darling... You will always be the man for me, the Hero who makes my world a better place. I promise you and friends a TV sports day - a day you can watch your favourite team and I will prepare nibbles and drinks for all. With deepest love...sign it

Friends .... These gifts can help save the sanity of someone you care about...

A new MUM: Congratulations on your new baby. I promise to do your household cleaning duties and mind baby to give you a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep. You just say when and I will be there for you. Hugs.... print name, sign it, add cell phone number for easy access

Friend with children: You are my dearest friend, I promise to collect your children and take then to the park to give you a day to yourself. Go shopping, get your hair done, have a relaxing Latte in peace - without worrying about your children's needs for a while. Enjoy your day, my friend..... Your friend..... print name, sign it, cell phone 

Best Friend: Hey BF, I would love to get together with you. Come over to my place for a Girls Day In. Hair, manicure, pedicure, we are going to do it all. So let me know when that suits you and we'll do it. Much hugs.... Your Best Friend, .... print name, sign it, add cell phone

Older Friend/s: I would like to invite you to my place for a High-End Afternoon Tea Party on ( nominate a date & time). We will enjoy a fabulous day together, looking forward to it....sign it, cell phone

Any gift of time is greatly appreciated by the recipient - more so than a monetary gift because True Gifts come from the Heart! 

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