Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best Hibiscus Coast Cafes


My favourite places for a great coffee!

What I look for in a Top Café and what it takes for a Café to be one of My Favourite Places...

Top Quality Appearance, Cleanliness, Atmosphere 

Top Service - Friendly, Efficient, Helpful
I hate that NZ has become notorious for providing bad service!

Top Food -  Appetising, Delicious, Reasonable prices
There is no reason to charge patrons exorbitant prices or a surcharge either

My promise = only THE BEST CAFES will feature here

No guess work either, I pledge to personally test them first!


Esquires, Whangaparaoa : Esquires, Whangaparaoa   A+Café

Quality: A+ very clean with a relaxed spacious atmosphere where you can talk without having to shout.
Service: Outstanding service - best I have seen in a long time. Gracious hosts who are extremely helpful.
Food: Delicious array of sweet and savoury treats. Their special today: Buy a drink and get a toasted sandwich for $3.50 - that's cheaper than a takeaway shop - Great value! My favourite is their Amazing Lemon Zinger Muffin - it is fabulous, best of all, it is served warmed with a side dish of softened butter.
Coffee: First class - suburb coffee - I was so tempted to have two, barely restrained myself! 
Comments: Esquires has small tables for a relaxing get together plus large corporate table for a working-lunch meeting. The staff will make sure you feel welcome and enjoy being there.

For Directions go to Esquires Whangaparaoa website or visit Esquires website


Kings Garden Café, Silverdale: Kings Garden Cafes  AA+ Café
Quality: AA+ for beautiful surroundings - a glorious garden setting that begs to be enjoyed. 
Very clean, busy yet tables were quickly cleared.
Service: Friendly and very efficient, they were very busy but still gave that individual attention that makes for a great experience. Orders were promptly delivered. Faultless service!
Food: It all looked inviting and delicious. A really nice selection of savoury and sweet treats and a comprehensive luncheon/dinner menu to choose from.
Creamy Ginger Latte
Coffee: Really nice, mellow, limb relaxing, large flat white and great value  - when they say large they mean it! Next time I go there I must try their Creamy Ginger Latte -

Comments: Kings Garden Café is so much more than a Café - it has an amazing atmosphere. Sitting amongst a beautiful garden you can almost believe you're sipping coffee in a local park.
Best of Kings Garden Café Silverdale is:
Dog Friendly and Open all public holidays and there are No Surcharges! 

For Directions go to:  Cnr East Coast Road & Hibiscus Highway, Silverdale, New Zealand or visit Google+ map here Kings Garden Cafe' Map Guide
Creamy Ginger Latte/ Flat White  

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket that makes your Lips tingle and your senses soar... Yes, I have now tried the Creamy Ginger Latte and it definitely has Wow factor!

Alongside is the Flat White my husband ordered - don't they look nice together - awwww just like an old married couple!


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