Monday, December 23, 2013

Hibiscus Coast Area: Best Gyms

Hibiscus Coast BEST GYMS

Lately there seems to be a Gym on every corner - they're popping up like mushrooms. I recently joined one myself and will elaborate on that later. From the outside they seem pretty much the same, but it's the inside I care about. All Gyms featured here will have following criteria: 

Clean Facilities: Includes both Gym and Amenities 

Air Conditioning: I couldn't survive in a gym without that!

Qualified Staff:  At least ONE must be on hand during the day 

Varied Equipment: Repetition, Cardio, Weights, plus more 

Whangaparaoa:       Jetts Gym Whangaparaoa
 Jetts Gym Whangaparaoa certainly fits all the criteria. I was most impressed by how it was set out. And by the fact it was a 24 hour Gym!  That meant I could go when ever I wanted.
After speaking with Manager Craig Kilham I decided to join up. 
I was shown their amenities (which were spotless!) and asked if I had specific requirements or concerns. A program was set up for me based on our discussion and I was shown the equipment I was to use, how to use it correctly, and the benefit I would get out of each apparatus. 
At my request, Craig took measurements and weighed me. I need to be able to track my progress  for my new blog:  Jetts & Me - The Journey Starts
I have been twice to Jetts and it is really nice just being able to go when it isn't busy, I can relax and do my program at my pace and in my own time - without feeling like fifty eyes are watching or judging me! 
I hope to I see you at Jetts one day -  I'm Rose and I'll see you there! 

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