Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A - Z Blog Challenge: X

A-Z Blog Challenge: X 

X-traoardinary Bacon Butty:
Ok, I know I have taken extraordinary liberties - but there is no X ingredient I could find sooo.... all's fair in love, war, and A-Z Blog Challenge!
For those Non-Poms out there a 'Butty' is a sandwich...But not just any sandwich - to qualify for the title Butty it must be an X-traordinary Sandwich.
Anyway, back to the X-traordinary Bacon Butty: It is more about the cooking method of the bacon, than the bacon itself. But a great bacon works best. And of course you need fresh thick slices of buttered bread...
This is my favourite bacon: 
 Homebrand Middle Bacon

It is Homebrand from Countdown and it is fantastic! Best of all this 1kg pack is under $15.00 - Fantastic bacon for an awesome price!!
"Good on ya Countdown" √

Rose's X-troadinary Bacon Butty:


  • Bacon rashers - 1x slice per person
  • Thick slice buttered bread - 2 per person 
  • Spring onions - finely diced 
  • Seasoning - Salt n' Pepper to taste - use more pepper than salt as bacon adds salt already
  • Put fry pan on LOW heat - yep, that is the key -Slow cook the bacon = OMG, how easy is that!
  • Cut each rasher in half then place in pan, cover loosely with foil - leaving space for steam to escape
  • Leave to slowly cook for 15 - 20 minutes - turning bacon to ensure even cooking. 
  • The smell will have you drooling long before it is ready! Use this time to butter bread and set table 
  • Once bacon is cooked, pat dry with a paper towel, then serve. Bacon will be soft and gorgeous! 
  • Place a complete rasher onto one slice of bread, add spring onions, season to taste
  • Slap on top slice, press down then enjoy - Repeat if necessary until hunger is completely satisfied.   

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