Monday, September 30, 2013

Sam's Butcher Shop, Silverdale - NZ Best Bacon 2013

Sam's Butcher shop in Silverdale, Auckland.

Have you ever looked at a shop and thought, " this is not for me...?"  It looks too expensive or 'boutique-like' so I don't think I'll bother....Me too, I am just as guilty of doing this. Big Mistake!

Take   I had done Sam's Butcher, Silverdale an injustice!

Today, I learnt the error of my ways.
Never judge a book by it's cover - never judge a shop by it's look! 

Awesome, that is how I would describe Sam's Butcher Shop. Top quality meat - exactly what I expected, after all this shop took out the coveted NZ BEST BACON AWARD 2013.
But, what really surprised me was their prices...
Not over the top expensive as I had assumed they were but very reasonable and what's more comparable to the supermarkets. Top quality meat at reasonable prices.
- oh boy, had I ever made a huge mistake by simply assuming, that because Sam's Butcher Shop had won the top bacon award, they had to be an expensive boutique butcher. I admit in writing, I was wrong! 

Today I was greeted as I entered the shop by a friendly young man, - don't get that at the supermarket - and I purchased a pack of 4 pure pork sausages for $4.73 and a lovely looking treat for my husband a scrumptious looking piece of aged rump steak for $5.22 - My husband will love it and let's face it, finding the perfect steak treat for a bloke for about $5 is a miracle! So all up I spent $9.95 for both items.

The sausages will feed 4 easily as they are really large and 'meaty ' and I was informed there are no preservatives in the meat itself, but could be some in the herbs and spices used to impart flavour. They sound delicious and i am looking forward to them. With mashed potato, and 2 fried eggs there is a complete meal for 4 well under the $10.

The steak is just a treat for my hard working husband, and sometimes it's enough of a heart warmer for me just to see the delight on his face as he tucks into it. After 25 years of marriage, the love is still there... ♥

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