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Food for the Soul: Hairdressers

Food for the Soul 

Best Locations for Soul Soothing Experiences...
because, you don't live on food alone..!    Rose

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Rodney Wayne, WhangaparaoaAAA+

Rodney Wayne is a New Zealand icon and A visit to Rodney Wayne  should be on every woman's Bucket List. A Must-Do Experience I have always wanted to have, but I never took the plunge.
I let myself be intimidated by the impeccable class and style that personifies a Rodney Wayne Salon, certain in the knowledge they were way beyond my budget. I was wrong, so very wrong! I had done them an injustice.
This week I did it, I walked in and was completely blown away at how reasonable their prices were. I should have walked in years ago. They well deserve that triple AAA+ rating!
Trust me - Walk into Rodney Wayne, Whangaparaoa Plaza. Go - book a visit, and experience, what was for me, the best hairdressing experience I have ever had in my life... You owe it to yourself to do this!

My Rodney Wayne Experience -  OMG, you have to try this yourself!

I was greeted at the door and welcomed in by my stylist Vanessa. I felt very special. It was all about me... 
I was offered a coffee - a real flat white that was to die for and a chocolate - nice, impressive start!

Initial Consultation: Awesome, Vanessa really talked to me and she listened to what I had to say. It was clear she had vast knowledge and was happy to take the time needed to talk about what she would do today. Poor girl had her work cut out for her, I was a complete mess - see pics below, before and after...
Undaunted, Vanessa suggested I have a S.S.S. consultation = Shampoo, Shape, Style, Consultation.
Vanessa advised a Classic Grad Style would suit me and that the same style could easily go to a Bob if I wanted to grow my hair longer. Fantastic, sounded great to me.

Treatment Consultation:  Having your hair washed at Rodney Wayne's is an experience in itself. I was led to a supremely comfortable chair, I sunk into it like I was sitting in my lazy boy at home. Then Vanessa asked me if I wanted it on "Massage Mode" - I'm like really, hell yeah...!!!
Ooooh - it's to die for - having your scalp massaged while sitting in a vibrating massage chair - you have to do this! You owe it to your soul......
Then I get the Hot Towel Treatment - a special treatment product is put through my hair and a hot towel is applied - if there is such a thing as a seventh heaven for Hair, I think I just found it. Divine, simply Divine.

Styling/Cutting Consultation: I am so ready for my transformation, I was a mess I wasn't kidding. I needed that appointment so badly it wasn't funny. Vanessa got on with cutting, shaping, and styling my hair, while communicating with me about the process along the way. I was advised I had dry hair and she showed me a Matrix Moisture Hydration product that would help me with that.
After styling Vanessa applied Kerestase K Forme before blow waving my hair. She told me it keeps your hair in place but doesn't make it feel hard. (If you've ever had that "set like concrete" blow wave product in your hair you will love this). My hair felt soft like nothing was in it at all, yet held it's shape. Fabulous!

For all specialist products and expert hair care advice pop next door and see Kay (Manager) or Brenda at Rodney Wayne Shampoo n' Things:

Suggestions and follow-up: I had to ask about getting rid of my dreaded greys, I know colouring is costly so I braced myself. Surprise, surprise - I could get a T- Section Colour ( round face and parting ) for $40. Brilliant price, oh I will definitely get that done. Hallelujah, I don't have to break the bank to do it!

 My Comments: AAA+ service all the way - I urge you to go to Rodney Wayne, Whangaparaoa.
Their reputation for excellence is well founded and they certainly live up to it.
Next time you go to The Whangaparaoa Plaza, call in and see Manager; Marie and book an appointment.
Trading hours:
Rodney Wayne Salon: Hours: Mon - Wed 9-6pm, Late Night -Thursday 9-8pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sun 10-2pm
Rodney Wayne Shampoo n' Things: Hours Mon - Thurs 9-6pm, Fri 9-7pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sun 10-5pm





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