Friday, December 13, 2013

Marinades Glazes: using pantry ingredients

Marinades / Glazes


The easiest way to add flavour and tenderise meat prior to cooking.

The variety of Marinades out there is pretty much endless and there are some really good ones on the market. But, I tend to find I already have the main ingredients at home anyway! 
I save money and utilize what I have in my pantry and you can do the same. 
It's easy and there are no rules in marinades = if you like it - use it!


To add flavour and keep meat moist during the cooking process.

A glaze is the easiest Flavour Enhancer you will ever make. There are some store brought ones out there, but the best ones are those you make at home. 
 Glaze can be made in seconds - why bother to spend money on something that is so simple to make?  

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