Saturday, December 14, 2013

$3 Ham Bone - Rind into Pet Food

Ham Bone Trilogy 

 1) Ham & Bacon rinds - Convert it into yummy Pet Food. 

1.     Turn it into delicious dog food. Your dog will love you!
2.     Packed with flavour, dice rinds into bite size pieces
3.     Mix in with left overs or cook it up with rice and diced veges for a cheap tasty meal your dog will adore!  
4.     You get a large pot of tasty bacony, vege & rice dog food for little more than the cost of the rice. Fantastic value from a bit of nothing!
 Getting the most out of food means minimum waste!

 Ham/Bacon rind Dog Food  
Cooking Time: 10 minutes  Cost $2.00 (approx)  for veges and rice.

1.     Roughly dice up the outer Ham Rind
2.     Cook 2 cups raw rice till tender– any variety
3.     Place 1 cup of mixed veges into a microwave jug and add enough boiling water to cover and cook without lid for 5 minutes. Drain
4.     Strain rice, and stir in diced ham rind and mixed veges
5.     Leave to cool and use as required.
6.     Freezes well so can be divided into portions and kept in freezer. Defrost each portion the overnight and give to your dog. Easy!

2) Stripping Outer Layer off Ham Bone - where do I start?

As you can see from these pictures - there is a great deal of Quality Ham Meat on a $3 Ham Bone!

It is easy to see by the colour and texture which is fatty layer. It comes away from the meat in big chunks. Trim it all off until you are left with a trimmed Meaty Ham Bone.

1. Start by slicing down through the fat layer like in the photo - Do this all the way around. Don't worry about the bone impeding - just slice around as best you can - it doesn't have to be pretty.

2. Slice across towards the first downward slice.
Repeat all the way around until fat is removed.
Removing the thin layer of fat.

 Dice up pieces of outer layer and place into small containers to be made into pet food whenever you are ready to do it. Don't forget - Write a Description on the container! It freezes well for long term storage too.

This is the same Ham Bone with the Outer layer of Rind removed - Now you can carve it into usable pieces or leave it whole for a delicious Ham Bone Soup 

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