Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rose's Awesome Ham Bone Soup - Serves 4 Costs $6

Ham, sooo nice to eat and generally loved by the whole family. But for a family - too expensive, right? Wrong! That picture is of a Ham Bone. This can be purchased for $3 – $5 from the Deli section of most supermarkets. There is a lot of meat on the ham bone and this can be utilized in a variety of ways.
 I purchased this for $3.00 from the Deli of my local Countdown supermarket.
That $3 ham bone can be used in a variety of ways to create delicious family meals for well under $10.00

PET FOOD -  Add rice and mixed veges for a healthy meal your dog will love! 
BACON for a Full Breakfast for as little as  $2.00 per breakfast!
HAM SLICES for salads, omelettes, sandwiches - anywhere you would use regular Deli Ham Slices.


       Rose’s Awesome Pea & Ham Bone Soup  

Serves 4   Cooking Time 2-3 hours     Cost: $9

WHOLE Ham Bone – simply use in this recipe as you would a bacon hock. You will get the same delicious meal for half the cost.
  • 1 ham bone ( $3.00
  • 1 packet of Kings Pea & Ham soup mix ($3.00 - approximately) 
  • Vegetables -  use whatever you have at home - older veges work well and saves throwing them out. 
  • I use 1 lg onion, 2 diced carrots, cabbage chunks ( cut a wedge and cut into 3-4 pieces) *** If you need to buy veges for this make sure you check out the 'cheap reduced to clear items' first - great for soup!***  ( cost of veges is minimal but for sake of this $10.00 recipe will say about $2-3
  • Boiling water ( 9 cups or 2 lts approximate - you need enough water to cover ham bone and veges.
Method: Easy Peasy = 5 stars all the way!  Stove top or can be done in slow cooker
1.           Boil jug/kettle so it is boiling while you chop vegetables. 
2.           Take wrapper off ham bone. Remove outer fatty skin - can be done prior to cooking or after once it has softened - place along with vegetables into a very large soup pot
3.           Pour contents of Kings soup packet into a large glass jug
4.           Add about 1 Lt (2 cups) boiling water to the soup mix and stir well
5.           Pour the soup mix over the Ham Bone and vegetables
6.           Add the rest of the boiling water and cook on high till boiling
7.           Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook slowly for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally.
8.           Use tongs to check when ham bone is ready. There are usually two long bones and they lift out easily when done. Turn off heat.
9.           Scoop ham out, chop or shred into smaller pieces and place back onto soup. Stir well as as split peas tend to be at the bottom. 
Serves 4 people easily and tastes even better the next day for lunch – if there is any left over.
Freezes extremely well for that microwave ' meal in a hurry' - simply re-heat and serve!

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