Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best Ever Chunky Chips ( Wedges)

Best Ever Chunky Chips ( Wedges) 

Portion:1 potato p/p Time: 6+ minutes Cost: 30-50¢ p/potato 

Delicious ♦ Healthy ♦ No oil ♦ Not deep fried ♦ 


 These are seriously good - Easy peasy & healthy too!

I usually work on this proportion: 1 potato per person - so it's easy to for me decide how many spuds to slice up. If there are any left overs they are delicious the next day with breakfast - a sort of chunky hash brown. My husband loves them with (soft yolk) easy-over eggs. 

I always buy WASHED POTATOES - life is too damn short to peel potatoes and, too be honest, I just can't be bothered with that unnecessary chore any more! Besides, chunky chips are nicer with the skin on.
1. Scrub the potatoes lightly but thoroughly - even washed potatoes need a good clean. No need to dry them properly.
 2. Hold the potato lengthways - You want to cut the potato into nice long wedges.
 3. Cut the potato in half
 3.a End up with this - ready to cut into wedges.
 4.a  Cut the potato half into 3 chunky wedges - Use your judgement on this. If the potato is smaller cut it into 2 - if larger cut into more.
But remember you are making chunky chips so you want a decent size.
 4.b Here are the 3 wedges from the one half. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of chips required for your family.

5. Put raw wedges into a microwave safe container

I keep the Chinese takeaway ones for this - they are just the right size.
Sprinkle 2-3 handfuls of water over the wedges - literally. Run the tap and scoop the water in your hand - that way you won't get too much. You don't want soggy wedges...
5. Microwave on high for about 5 minutes - check the wedges with a fork. They should be just tender - the fork should go into the wedge easily. They are now cooked - but not finished off yet.  
TIP***Before you put wedges into the microwave to cook put a fry pan on to heat up - medium -hot heat level same as for steak - but it needs to be well preheated so will take a good five minutes.

I cook these wedges alongside the Perfect Steak and an egg. 
An all time favourite treat for my husband, he really loves this for dinner! 


Simply spray the pan with a non stick coating
I use Dots Cooking Spray  then once the pan is hot place the wedges in to brown them on each side
These take about a minute on each side and they end up like mini roasted potatoes - in the form of easy to eat, finger-licking, delicious wedges! Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve.

Mmm...wedges - what would you serve with them..?  

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