Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easy Egg Ribbons for Fried Rice

Egg ribbons 

Serves: 4 (with rice or as a snack)  Cooking Time: 7 minutes  Cost: $3 

  • Easy to make! 
  • Absolutely delicious! 
  • Perfect for fried rice or an Asian style salad
1.     For this you need a hot pan – so pop it on first to heat up. 
2.     LINE it with BAKING Paper – that is the best stuff ever! 
3.     Make up a seasoned omelette mixture -3 eggs ( large) or 4 small in a bowl – mix with a fork Add a pinch of salt and pepper¼ teaspoon of curry powder and onion stock - if you don’t have onion stock use something similar. Mix in with fork. 
4.     Pour mix over paper in heated pan. 
5.     Leave to cook UNCOVERED - till set – about 5-7  minutes 
6.     Then simply lift the paper out with the mix on – NO MESS! 
7.      Using a knife cut the egg while on the paper. In half, then quarters, then in ribbons ( strips) whatever length you want. 
8.     Add to fried rice, warm salads or serve as a tasty side dish

Egg Fried Rice  

Serves: 4  Cooking Time: 10 minutes  Cost: $7

1. Cook egg mixture as above, cut into strips then set aside
2.  Cook 2 cups of raw rice, that will give you enough for four easily. For easy cooking instructions on getting fluffy Rice every time: follow this link
3. Put a cup of frozen mixed vegetables into a microwave jug. Cover with boiling water, microwave on high for five minutes or until tender, then drain  
4. Put a fry pan on to heat up and reheat rice in a microwave safe dish for 2 minutes 
5. Once pan is hot, add a teaspoon of oil to coat the pan or use a non stick spray. Add the rice and drained vegetables, then add a few drops of soy sauce for extra flavour and stir through. A few drops of Seasame Oil as well is also delicious. 
6. Add the Egg Strips and gently stir into the mix - so as not to break the egg strips up too much. Serve and enjoy! 
 It tastes amazing the next day - if there is some left... 
 ***Fried Rice offers a blank canvas of many possibilities for a super quick, easy meal***

Fried Rice...which is your favourite flavour? 

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Snack option 

Serves 4   Cooking Time: 7 minutes   Cost: $3

1.     Pour egg mixture into hot pan
2.     Once set cut mixture in half
3.     Top one half with grated cheese
4.     Fold over the remaining half
5.     Remove from pan – still on baking paper
6.     Wait for cheese to melt from residual heat ( about 5 min)
7.     Cut into pie wedges or fingers and serve warm
You can add a variety of flavour options with cheese including diced onions, ham, salami, thinly sliced tomatoes, mushrooms.
Use this to make a Bread Free pizza snack meal.

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