Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to cook Perfect Fluffy Rice - every time!

How to Cook Perfect Rice

Fluffy, perfect and delicious – every time!
 This works for short grain, long grain, Basmati, and Jasmine rice - no rice cooker required! 
All you need are the ingredients: Rice, water and a pot to cook it in. Also a cup to measure out the ratio.  NOTE ** it doesn't matter what type of cup you use to measure with as long as you use the SAME cup to measure out rice and water. *** 
The Formula:  for fluffy rice every time.
For every one cup of rice add two cups of cold water to the pot.  ***Note:  Add an extra 1/2 cup of water at the end because rice will 'heap' in the cup when measured and the extra water at the end allows for that. *** 
Add nothing else! = no oil, no salt = NOTHING!

1.     Place rice and water in the pot and bring to a boil on stove top.
2.     Once boiling, turn down heat to a gentle simmer.
3.     Time is not crucial - it’s the ‘feel’ of the rice grains that matter!  After about 5-7 minutes take a few grains out of the pot with a spoon to check them – they should be al dente (like pasta) = firm enough to just squeeze between finger and thumb, but not hard. Easy check is to eat a few grains - should be the easy to bite, no 'crunch'.
4.     Once ready, immediately tip the cooked rice into a strainer then rinse well under cold running water for about one minute. This stops the cooking process and prevents the rice going mushy. It keeps the grains separate creating perfect fluffy rice every time.  
5.     Allow the rice to drain. Then re-heat the rice – place in a microwave bowl and heat on high for 1-2 minutes (the time can vary depending on microwave settings).

For fluffy perfect rice – Follow this simple formula and cooking method.

Use this formula and cooking method to cook any amount of rice you wish to cook.
6.     Want fancy? Use a ramekin (or small cup) to create a ‘restaurant style’ mound of rice. NOTE: Spray the ramekin with oil or rub with butter so the rice slips out easily.  

7.     Eat and enjoy! 

Chicken, Pork, Egg - which fried rice do you prefer? 
Mine is egg fried rice, I love it!  Follow the link to make it yourself 


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