Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A - Z Blog Challenge

A-Z Blog Challenge: A 

Asparagus Rolls...
Simple, delicious, nutritious - sooo why are they deemed to be "Old Fashioned" and out of favour, now? 
Remember, Asparagus Rolls can not be purchased - they have to be made. And usually they are prepared by the caring hands of someone you know... 
Sooo, next time you see Asparagus Rolls at a party or a luncheon, enjoy some- not only for what they are, but for what they represent =  tasty, hand-made morsels, specially prepared for the occasion by a friend.
Asparagus Rolls - I still love em !!! Cheers, Rose 
Here is my Asparagus Recipe Asparagus Rolls with Lemon Aioli

1 can of asparagus tips - drain well 
bread slices ( white or brown ) 
Spreadable cream cheese - Spreadable cream cheese is available from the supermarket, remove from fridge an hour prior to using to let it soften even more
salt/pepper seasoning 


  • Spread slices with cream cheese and remove crusts - crusts must be removed to create the 'rolls', they don't roll nicely with crusts on..!

Assembling the roll is so easy! it goes Corner to Corner to form roll.

  • Take one Bread slice, cheese spread side up
  • Place 2 Asparagus tips on a corner, add seasoning
  • Roll the bread tightly round the Asparagus to form the Asparagus Roll
  • Place on the platter Seam Down to stop the roll from unravelling.  

Make a plate full, take it to your next party and see how fast they go...oh, and make sure you get one for yourself before they all disappear! :) lol 

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