Thursday, April 10, 2014

A - Z Blog Challenge: I

A- Z Blog Challenge: I 

Ice Cube Tray
The Ice Cube Tray is one of the most useful gadgets in your freezer - if you utilize it to its full capacity. There is more than Ice that can be frozen in a tray - and those frozen morsels can be a lifesaver sometimes when you get caught out. 
Left over - soup, sauces, gravy, savoury mince and puree can be frozen in ice cube trays. Need extra flavour in casseroles or a tomato hit in a Bolognese - using a frozen cube of leftover Spaghetti sauce or tomato soup will easily solve this issue. The frozen cube dissolves quickly in the cooking process and there is no need to open a can of anything. Saves money and time!
Also a handy thing for 'cooling' down a casserole quickly if family need to eat in a hurry - drop a few frozen cubes of chicken soup ( use as stock!) in a bubbling hot casserole - they will thaw within minutes and cool down the meal in the process so it can be served then consumed quicker. 
Try using Frozen Chicken Soup Cubes to add flavour to water when boiling rice, noodles, or add to a stir-fry for a easy 'sauce' option. 
Get a separate Ice Cube Tray for Leftover use - You will never look back. Save money and use the leftover bits of tasty liquids - instead of wasting them. Your wallet and family will thank you ..... :) Cheers, Rose 

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